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You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection...Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!

You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection...Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!
You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection...Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!

Dating Secrets Guide

Dating Secrets Guide
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dating Secrets Guide

I recently ran across the new Dating Secrets guide, by Tony Sanders and since it's getting quite a bit of attention out there right now, I wanted to run through what my initial impressions were. I have not yet read the book, but I have gone through the contents and reviewed some other articles and thus far stand very impressed by what I see.
What does the Dating Secrets guide offer that so few newcomers to this game offer? First up, we get a writer who really seems to have run the gauntlet of failure before reaching the big time. His name is Tony Sanders and he's a former and future video game writer (lots of Warcraft and Farmville stuff). That hasn't stopped him from branching out and studying the secrets of dating with his Dating Secrets guide, however.
What the Dating Secrets Guide Has to Offer
A quick look inside the Dating Secrets Guide will show you that Tony wasn't sitting idle between his gaming guides. He's put together dozens of strategies, starting from the basics of just "understanding women". From there, he's expanded, covering things like communication basics, body language, inner game (to a small degree), how to talk to women, how to meet women, and more.
The best part from my initial impressions of the Dating Secrets guide however were the last few sections about actually talking to a woman, then going on a date (and dating her in the future). Future dating tips are almost always missing from these kinds of guides, and at the end you have a nice guide to intimacy during or after that first date.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that this Dating Secrets guide looks pretty good. It's got a lot of solid, well written information. Tony has definitely done his research, and in the process created an exciting new product that will likely have newcomers to PUA talking for some time.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Dating Secrets and make money when a guide is purchased.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Give a Good Wedding Speech

Wedding speeches are an integral part of all weddings. While preparing and giving a wedding speech you need to keep certain points in mind. A wedding speech has to be light-hearted yet heart warming at the same time. A wedding is a very important occasion and to have chosen to give a speech on such an occasion is a big responsibility. Excitement, joy and freshness symbolize a wedding and so your speech should be in keeping with these emotions. You don’t want to give a bad speech and ruffle feathers right? So you need to keep the following points in mind while going about it:

• Don’t give a very long speech. Since you are not the only one who’s going to be giving a speech you need to remember to keep it short. You have to hold the people’s attention and so don’t just go on speaking! Don’t exceed 5 or 6 minutes and if you are writing it down then keep it around 500-800 words. However don’t keep it too short or else the people present there will think you are in a hurry and you are giving the speech just for the sake of it! Minimum 4 minutes.
• Make it funny. Humour is an important element of wedding speeches. You have to make listening to your speech an enjoyable rather than a boring task. So don’t forget to add the humour element in your speech. However don’t go overboard with your jokes and one-liners. You don’t want to end up hurting anybody’s feelings especially on this day! So keep the mood light-hearted yet keep it sane too.
• Don’t forget to thank everyone! One of the most important aspects of wedding speeches is expressing your gratitude to a lot of people. If you are the groom then don’t forget to thank the bride’s family, your family and your friends and ofcourse all the guests present there. If you are the best man then thank all the guests present there and thank the groom for choosing you as his best man.
• Personalize it. You need to make your speech sound personal too. An impersonal speech may give the impression that you just picked up some speech from the internet and you couldn’t care less about the occasion. So THAT is a big no. So if you are the groom then remember to add those pleasant memories you had with your bride or her family or your friends present there. Likewise for the bride/groom’s parents or the best man.
• Enjoy yourself! Last but not the least you have to enjoy yourself while giving the speech since only then will you be able to give a near perfect speech! If you are giving a speech then you are either the bride or groom or you are someone who is important for them. So this wedding has to be a big deal for you! And it shouldn’t be a problem to enjoy the wedding and this speech. So go out there and have a good time and let them know how much this whole affair means to you!

So keep all these points in mind and you will always be remembered for the memorable speech that you give on this happy day.Read more

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You...National Relationship Expert Shows Women The Secret to Understanding Men

"Why didn't he call?"
"How can I find the right man?
"Why do I always date losers?
"Why doesn't he love me anymore?
"What am I doing wrong?
"Why do some women have great relationships with men -- and mine are always dull, unfulfilling and boring?
"If only I could understand men...."

If you checked one or more of the above, then the following article may be the most eye-opening one you'll ever read.

The important thing to remember is that you're not alone. Most women -- whether single or married -- have asked themselves these kinds of questions. In my 16 years of relationship counseling, I've found that the reason women have these concerns is because they simply don't understand men.

Did you know ... that you as a woman, by virtue of your femininity, have in your hands the delicious power to make a man fall in love with you, influence a man to your way of thinking, bring him to his knees, make him want to spend his life with you -- and want to fulfill your every desire?

Yes, it's true! And the best part is that you can do it easily and effortlessly by being yourself -- and NOT shaping yourself into someone you're not just to keep your man interested. I'll give you solid proof of this in a moment.

When you read this article in its entirety, you'll discover how to tap into the power that resides within you -- whether you want to revolutionize your dating life, get married or spark the fire within your marriage.Read MORE

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"WARNING! Premature Ejaculation Can Kill Your Sexual Confidence, Destroy Your Sex Life And Make You Feel Less Of A MAN (And Here's How To Completely Turn The Tables On PE And Last 20 Minutes Longer Tonight)"

Here's the true story of how I went from lasting less than ONE minute in bed... to literally being able to have sex for as long as I wanted to last.

I'll show you the exact steps and specific directions to help END your problem with premature ejaculation... so you can confidently have sex with your woman and NEVER have to worry about performance anxiety again!So What Is The Absolute Best Way To Last Longer In Bed?

Let me wrap this up by asking you a few simple questions...

Have you ever looked forward to a night of great sex, but as soon as the lovemaking began, you climaxed within seconds again?

Do you like having sex... but your inability to last is filling you full of anxiety... to the point where you're actually beginning to dread sex?
Do you wish you could last longer and give her the pleasure you know she deserves?
Do you ever worry that your woman will cheat on you or leave you for another man that can satisfy her needs in bed... something you just can't do right now?
Have you tried sprays and creams that promise to desensitize your penis... and delay your ejaculation... but you feel uncomfortable using it and telling her to wait 10 minutes so that it could start working?
Do you feel inadequate when you come too soon, and even though your woman says it's okay, you still feel that she's disappointed in you?
Do you get so embarrassed and so self-conscious about your performance that you find any excuse you can to avoid sex?
Are you desperate to find a way to end your premature ejaculation, but nothing seems to work. Do you feel you're wasting the best sexual years of your life simply because you're too afraid or too embarrassed to ask for help?WANT MORE ..CLICK HERE

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Do you have these symptoms?

-Leaving the radio off because every song makes you cry
-Loss of appetite
-Binge eating for comfort
-Calling your ex several times a day
-Text messaging and emailing constantly (Text Message Terrorism)
-Constantly checking your email and voice mail to see if he/she called
-Not going out because you are afraid to miss a call
-Thinking non-stop about why they REALLY left you
-Feeling massively depressed
-Feeling urges to spy on them
-Endlessly rehearsing what you should have said
-Endlessly rehearsing what you will say if you bump into them

…and when you do get a hold of them, it usually turns ugly because without a clear plan of what you are supposed to do…what happens? P-A-N-I-C...defensiveness...arguments...and then it gets really nasty.

Do you make these mistakes with your ex?

-We try to convince them we are the love of their life
-We will apologize profusely for everything
-Promise to change for good this time
-Try to get them to see that it wasn't really our fault
-Even beg with them to take us back

…and of course with every word we utter, regardless of our intention, the more and more defensive, angry and distant they become.

Please know…this is not your fault! You weren't taught this in school. You probably weren't taught this by your parents…and there is no "get your ex back" night school...


And it is really a shame too because what could be more important than love? ..Cars?...Money?...Clothes?...ALGEBRA?

So why? Are there all kinds of books, magazines and help on fixing a car, managing money and all the latest fashions, yet very little USEFUL information on how to fix a broken relationship…manage your emotions or getting the love of your life back?

Crazy huh?

And now as you will soon see...all that has changed.

"T Dub" Discovers His "Love Recipe"

Please allow me to introduce myself…My name is T.W. Jackson, I know kinda weird…it's a long story…you can just call me "T Dub"…I want to say right off the bat, that I am not a psychologist, Doctor or some relationship guru…In fact I royally piss off the academic types and I'll tell you why in a second…

I have been a military brat…or in the military for a majority of my life. In fact I joined the US Navy when I was a ripe old 17 years of age. Because of my life long military experience I've had dozens of homes…in 11 countries... and lived long term in 5 states in the U.S.

And because I have lived in so many places and changed schools so often as a kid…I had to learn…and learn REALLY FAST…how to get along with people. And people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE. I can sit down and have some sake with my friend in Tokyo…or pop open a can of suds and fish Lake Dardanelle with an Arkansas "redneck" buddy of mine…makes no difference…

More importantly…I became really good at reading people, understanding what makes them "tick" and even got to a point where I could influence their behavior and actions.

In fact, I got quite good at doing this, so good in fact that I was the "go to" guy whenever my friends had just about any kind of "people problem"…I kind of felt like the male version of "Dear Abby"...

Maybe you even know someone a little like me?...someone that you go to when you have "people problems"…

Anyway…I got a ton of practice keeping relationships together…and putting them back together after they had come apart…because the divorce rate for military couples is MUCH HIGHER than average.

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